10 Great Apps for Losing Weight

Losing weight can seem like an impossible challenge, especially if you’re not sure where to start or you don’t know what the best approach to weight loss really is. Fortunately, there are many great apps that you can use to help you lose weight, some of which are listed below. Find one or two that appeal to you and get started today!

1) Fitbit

This app is great for a number of reasons. It tracks your food intake and activity levels with advanced technology that can be worn on your wrist or as a clip on to your clothes. You can also join communities to motivate yourself in reaching goals and to encourage friends in their weight loss journey too.

2) Under Armour Record

Fitness is important, and we all want to do what we can to stay healthy. Even when things get tough, we still want to be able to get out and run a few miles or swim a few laps. That’s why the new Under Armour Record app (available on Android or iOS) is such a perfect addition. It’s designed to track your fitness and keep you motivated while also providing personalized feedback on your workout progress.

3) My Fitness Pal

My Fitness Pal is a great way to track your food intake, exercise, and weight. It’s easy to use and they even offer personalized coaching! Simply plug in the details of your diet and exercise plan, get feedback on the foods you eat, share meals with friends in the app, and log food so that you can see at a glance if you are hitting your calorie goals. My Fitness Pal also offers healthy recipes that taste great but stay within your calorie limit.

4) Nike Run Club

The Nike Run Club app is one of the more well-known weight loss apps. What I really like about it is that the tracking and workout routes were done by Nike so you know they are legit. The app’s interface is very user-friendly and it gives you both audio cues (via your phone) and on-screen cues as to what you should be doing, like running in a certain lane on the track or trying to maintain an even pace.

5) Lose it!

Lose it! is a great way to track your calorie intake, daily activity, and exercise. You can set a weight loss goal, as well as an intake goal. It’s easy to use and even has a barcode scanner so you can scan any food item to figure out the number of calories and nutrient content.

6) FatSecret

FatSecret is a great app to help you track your progress and make educated decisions about what food you should be eating. When it comes to dieting, one of the most important things you can do is to keep a log or journal of what you eat. This is where FatSecret comes in handy because it has several features that let you track everything from fat intake, calories burned, body measurements, and even how much water your drink throughout the day.

7) Sworkit Pro

Sworkit Pro is an awesome app that can help you break down your workout by rep, rest time, and/or timer so you can focus on the exercises you’re most interested in. You can customize a workout or use one of their pre-programmed routines to help get in shape and stay healthy. There are a variety of workouts that focus on different muscle groups, how much weight to lift, how many reps to do, which days to work out on and more!

8) Cronometer

Cronometer is one of the best weight loss apps out there because it’s a clean, simple food diary that helps you stay on track. Cronometer’s all-in-one service allows you to track your diet, exercise, weight and health. You can share your progress with friends or family and make adjustments in diet to better reach your goals.

9) Fooducate

Fooducate is the easiest way to eat better, whether you’re shopping at the grocery store or picking up take-out on your way home. Just snap a photo of your food and get instant feedback about how healthy it is.

10) Diabetes Tracker by MyNetDiary

MyNetDiary Diabetes Tracker is a great way to keep track of how many carbs you eat in order to properly manage your diabetes. The app allows you to log the food you eat so that you can better adjust your insulin levels as needed. MyNetDiary also helps promote healthy living and physical activity by providing you with simple step-by-step workouts from renowned trainers and professionals.

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