Can’t Kick Your Diet Soda Habit? Try These 10 Tips!

Did you know that the average American consumes 45 gallons of diet soda each year? It’s true! With so many people ditching high-calorie, sugar-filled drinks in favor of diet versions, it’s no wonder that our collective soda consumption rates have skyrocketed over the years, with little effort to reverse the trend. If you struggle with breaking your diet soda addiction, try these 10 tips to help you kick this sugar-free habit.

1) Ease Off the Sweet Tooth

Cutting down on the sweet stuff can be tough, but it’s worth it. If you’re looking to ease off of your diet soda addiction, try one or more of these tips:
-Switch to sparkling water with lemon or lime juice. The bubbles will be satisfying and the citrus will taste refreshing.
-Drink seltzer mixed with a splash of juice instead of straight up fruit juice.

2) Reach for Water Instead

If you find yourself unable to give up diet soda, try drinking water instead. It’s calorie-free and it doesn’t have the same artificial sweeteners found in diet sodas that may lead to weight gain. Fill a large container with water and drink as much of it as you can before going back to your favorite beverage. Reach for Fruit Instead: Eating a piece of fruit might satisfy your craving for something sweet without any added sugar or calories. Fresh berries are another healthy option because they’re low in calories but high in nutrients like antioxidants.

3) Add In Some Sugar-Free Sweeteners

Many people have switched to sugar-free sweeteners in an effort to help break their diet soda addiction. There are many different types of sugar-free sweeteners that you can use and some of the most popular ones include: Splenda, Equal, Sweet ‘N Low, and Truvia.

4) Look For Alternatives

Find other carbonated drinks to drink instead of diet soda. You might not be able to give up on the fizziness or caffeine, but you can at least cut back on artificial sweeteners. If you don’t want to give up diet soda completely, try cutting it down by swapping out one can of soda a day with an unsweetened drink such as water, tea, coffee, or fruit juice.

5) Don’t Go Cold Turkey

When people want to break a soda habit, they often try to stop cold turkey. For some, this works perfectly and for others it can lead to feelings of intense cravings and withdrawal. If you find yourself in the latter group, here are a few tips that may work better for you:
-Slowly wean off by switching out one diet soda per day until you’re drinking none at all. -Instead of drinking diet sodas with meals, drink water or other calorie-free beverages instead.

6) Do Not Throw Away Your Excess Cans

Diet soda is a major contributor to the obesity epidemic in America. The artificial sweeteners found in diet soda have been shown to cause weight gain and decreased insulin sensitivity. And don’t forget about the sugar-free versions, which also contain sucralose and acesulfame potassium (Ace K), artificial ingredients that can wreak havoc on your gut health as well as your weight!

7) Have a Plan For Cravings

Having a plan for cravings can be the difference between success and failure. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with these five ways to beat those pesky cravings:
-Keep healthy snacks in your car or desk at work.
-Drink a glass of water before indulging.
-Eat some fruit before going to bed.

8) Be Patient with Yourself

It can take time to break a diet soda addiction. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it can be done. The most important thing is to remain patient with yourself and realize that this is an ongoing process. If you slip up, don’t get discouraged and start over again the next day.

9) Replace One Drink at A Time

One of the best ways to start breaking your diet soda addiction is to replace one drink at a time. For example, if you currently drink 2 cans of diet soda per day and want to replace it with water, start by replacing one can per day with water for two weeks. After two weeks, eliminate another can until you’re down to just one can per day.

10) Change Takes Work and Practice, So Keep Trying

The first step to breaking a diet soda addiction is identifying what makes you drink it. It might be when you’re stressed, or when you’re eating, or just because it’s there. Once you know what triggers your cravings for the drink, try eliminating that trigger for a week or two and see if the need for the drink goes away. If not, try another one of these tips:
-Switch to water or tea instead of soda during meals.

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