10 Reasons Being Fat is Bad for Your Health

Being overweight or obese comes with plenty of negative health effects, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even certain types of cancer. If you’re trying to lose weight, these negative health effects can be enough motivation to help you get started on your weight loss journey (and keep it going!). If you’re already at a healthy weight but know someone who is not, being aware of the following negative health effects can also be the push they need to start losing weight now. Here are 10 reasons being fat is bad for your health!

1) There are more diseases

Obesity is linked with an increased risk of developing a number of diseases and conditions, including heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, fatty liver disease, arthritis and some cancers.
Plus it shorten your life span (three sentences): Studies have shown that obese people have a shorter life expectancy than those of normal weight. One reason for this may be that carrying extra weight increases your risk of developing health problems.

2) Lower life expectancy

One of the most alarming effects of being obese is the significant impact it has on your life expectancy. Studies have shown that being obese can shorten your life by up to 10 years. This is because obesity increases your risk of developing a number of serious health conditions, including heart disease, stroke.

3) It leads to other problems

  • Being obese can lead to other health problems like heart disease, stroke, and diabetes.
  • It puts extra strain on your joints and muscles, which can lead to pain and injuries.
  • It can make it difficult to breathe, which can lead to fatigue and a lack of energy.
  • It can cause high blood pressure, which can put you at risk for heart attacks and strokes.
  • Being obese can also lead to sleep apnea, which can disrupt your sleep and cause daytime fatigue.

4) A lot of pain

Carrying around extra weight puts a lot of strain on your body, leading to pain in your joints, back, and feet. Plus, being overweight can cause inflammation throughout your body, which can lead to even more pain.

5) More likely to be hospitalized

According to the CDC, obese adults are more likely to be hospitalized for conditions such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. In fact, obesity is a major risk factor for all three of these conditions. Plus, being obese puts you at greater risk for developing joint problems and sleep apnea.

6) Indirectly affects work

When you’re carrying around extra weight, it takes more energy to move, which can make it harder to focus on work tasks and be productive. In fact, studies have shown that obesity can lead to a 10-15% decrease in productivity. And with nearly one-third of Americans now considered obese, that’s a lot of lost productivity.

7) Increases the risk of depression

Obesity can lead to feelings of social isolation and loneliness, which can in turn lead to depression. And according to a study published in the journal Obesity, people who are obese are 27 percent more likely to suffer from depression than those who are at a healthy weight. But it’s not just the mental effects of being obese that can be damaging; there are also plenty of physical health risks that come along with carrying around extra weight.

8) Higher cholesterol levels in blood stream

High cholesterol levels can lead to a buildup of plaque in your arteries, which can narrow or block them. This can cause a heart attack or stroke. In addition, fat cells release chemicals that can increase inflammation and contribute to insulin resistance, which can lead to type 2 diabetes.

9) Increased blood pressure

When you’re carrying around extra weight, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body. This can lead to high blood pressure, which puts you at risk for heart disease and stroke. Carrying excess fat also increases your risk of developing diabetes, a condition in which the body doesn’t produce enough insulin or becomes resistant to insulin. Diabetes may make it more difficult for you to lose weight by interfering with how the body uses food as energy or how it stores fat and sugar.

10) Become a parent – A lot harder!

It’s no secret that being a parent is hard work. But if you’re carrying around extra weight, it can be even harder. Carrying extra weight makes it more difficult to chase after your kids, carry them and all of their gear, and just generally keep up with them. Plus, being overweight puts you at risk for a whole host of health problems that can make parenting even more difficult.

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