The Best Summer Veggies to Help You Get a Flat Tummy

While most people focus on which workout routines and exercises to do to get the flat tummy they want, it’s important to keep in mind that the foods you eat can have an enormous impact on your body as well. Certain fruits and vegetables can help shrink your stomach, enabling you to eat less without going hungry and making you feel fuller sooner. Whether you’re gearing up for summer or just enjoying the weather, here are some of the best summer veggies for a flat tummy, so you can enjoy some delicious food and lose weight at the same time!

Vitamin C – helps with skin and immunity

Sure, it’s only June, but we can already think of a bunch of great veggies that will help you get ready for bikini season. If you’re looking for some quick fixes for your health or your weight loss goals this summer, these are the best options.
-Tomatoes: Tomatoes are packed with Vitamin C and Lycopene which not only helps boost immunity, but also offers antioxidants that help tighten and tone skin. They’ve been linked to reduced risk of cancer and stroke as well as increased bone density.

Vitamin A – keeps your skin smooth

Vitamin A is an essential nutrient that helps keep your skin smooth and can even help with acne. Vegetables rich in vitamin A include carrots, sweet potatoes, peppers, spinach, kale, collard greens and papaya. Try roasting your vegetables (if they are available) as this helps release the nutrients in them. Frozen veggies work just as well! Remember not to over-cook your veggies – eat them raw or quickly cook them on high heat. And remember, healthy eating doesn’t have to be difficult – you don’t need any fancy new ingredients to make it happen. Just mix up what you already have at home.

Folate – Reduces bloating from water retention

Fresh vegetables are one of the most important things you can add to your diet for health and flat abs. They fill you up without weighing you down, which is especially helpful for summertime when water retention makes it difficult to get a sleek silhouette. Collard greens, cabbage, cucumbers, spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli and bell peppers all contain folate- an essential vitamin that reduces bloating from water retention.

Fiber – Helps you feel full

Fiber aids weight loss because it makes you feel full for longer. A University of Sydney study in Australia found that adding just one extra apple, orange, pear or vegetable soup per day could prevent people from becoming overweight by an extra eight pounds over five years. And these foods are inexpensive and easy to get – but not if we stop going to the farmers market and grocery store!

Magnesium – Relaxes your muscles

Magnesium not only calms your nervous system, but it also helps relax your muscles, keeping you more calm and less tense. Magnesium-rich foods include whole grains, green leafy vegetables (like spinach), nuts and seeds, avocados, beans and legumes. Magnesium rich foods are also found in beverages like cacao powder, coffee or tea. Drinking two cups of coffee per day has been linked to about 20% higher magnesium levels!

Potassium – Keeps your electrolytes in balance

Potassium is found in the bloodstream and inside all cells, including the ones in your intestines. This important mineral helps control heart rate and blood pressure, while it also plays an important role in metabolism by regulating how much sodium you get into your system. Many people only think of bananas when they hear the word potassium, but there are many other delicious foods rich in this mineral as well.

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