7 Quick Weight Loss Snacks to Help You Slim Down Fast

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume every day. Of course, eating fewer calories sounds easier said than done — and it can be. In fact, the best diet tips will be useless if you don’t have quick weight loss snacks on hand to fend off cravings and hunger pangs that often hit when you’re trying to shed pounds fast.

1) Avocado

  • Munch on a quarter of an avocado with lime and cayenne pepper, or mash it into guacamole or blend it into smoothies.
  • Make smashed avocado toast by spreading mashed avocado on gluten-free bread, seasoning with salt and pepper, then drizzling with olive oil or coconut oil and baking at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 10 minutes.

2) Peanut Butter

What are some quick weight loss snacks for a road trip? A lunchtime snack? One of the best on-the-go quick weight loss snacks is peanut butter. With only two ingredients and just 100 calories per tablespoon, it’s as simple as grabbing a spoon and spreading it on crackers, apples, celery sticks, or toast. And because this healthier peanut butter recipe has six grams of protein per serving, you can even enjoy it at breakfast with some low-sugar yogurt and fruit (skip the bagel).

3) Bananas

Some of the best snacks for weight loss are high in protein and fiber and low in sugar, which leaves bananas! Bananas can fill you up when they’re sliced with almond butter, wrapped in prosciutto or drizzled with dark chocolate. You can also make a smoothie out of yogurt, honey and bananas. There are plenty of ways to sneak a banana into your diet for some quick weight loss snacks!

4) Salmon

One of the healthiest and most versatile fish in the world, salmon is a heart-healthy addition to your diet. Not only is it low in calories, it’s high in vitamin D and has plenty of protein too. Since it’s fast, easy and relatively inexpensive to buy, there are a lot of ways you can prepare salmon for your weight loss journey. Bake, grill or poach – your options are endless! It’s also ideal because it can be used as a main dish or an appetizer. Brown rice: Whole grains like brown rice have been shown to promote satiety which will keep you feeling fuller longer so that snacking becomes less frequent. Plain yogurt: The probiotics in yogurt promote healthy digestion and boost your immune system by keeping gut bacteria levels stable. Frozen berries: Berries are packed with nutrients including antioxidants, fibre, Vitamin C and potassium which help keep your blood pressure down, prevent constipation and improve cognitive function among other things.

5) Eggs

Eggs are one of the quickest, most convenient weight loss snacks out there. All you need is an egg, a skillet, and a little bit of butter or oil. Simply whisk the eggs together with seasonings like garlic and salt, then fry them up in your pan. And they’re perfect for anyone who’s on the go-you can eat them hot or cold, take them on your commute, or pack them in your lunchbox.

6) Chicken Breast

  • Boil chicken breast in water for 30 minutes.
  • Mix cooked chicken with a sauce of your choice.
  • Pop the mixture into the oven at 350°F (180°C) and bake for 20-30 minutes until it is nice and crispy!

7) Greek Yogurt

The first quick weight loss snack we’ll share is Greek yogurt. The dairy protein content in this particular type of yogurt gives your muscles the energy they need to keep up with vigorous activity. Plus, Greek yogurt has a protein-to-sugar ratio that is much higher than that of any other type of yogurt which helps slow down sugar absorption. You can mix things up by trying one of these recipes:

  • Grilled Honey and Pineapple Parfait – Almond Butter & Jelly Energy Balls – Mixed Berry Breakfast Smoothie – Protein Mango Salad with Black Beans and Feta
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